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Kevin Patrick Sharkey

Property Development

About Kevin

Based in Birmingham, Kevin Patrick Sharkey is a passionate property developer with a flair for accounting, investing, and entrepreneurship. A graduate of The University of Manchester, Kevin holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business, Finance, and Economics.

Upon graduating in 2003, Kevin opted to follow in his father’s footsteps and dive into the construction industry. Like many others in this field, Kevin started out small, acquiring a few small properties that he could renovate to earn a profit. However, he quickly began seeing success in his efforts and, as such, broadened his scope. Since then, he has spearheaded projects in the residential, education, healthcare, and defence sectors.

While Kevin has flexed his entrepreneurial muscles across a variety of projects, his most recent and notable is Key Land Capital PLC. Established in September 2017, the company is an independent property investment firm located in Birmingham. Key Land Capital affords its clients the opportunity to invest in robust properties in the West Midlands, which bore an average of seven percent property growth in 2017 and is anticipated to climb higher year over year, The company employs eight highly-skilled individuals who manage portfolios of five to six active projects at once, and works closely with a number of suppliers and subcontractors in the area.

Although Kevin Patrick Sharkey thoroughly loves his work as the Director and Co-founder of Key Land Capital as it is, he is enthralled to see all of the projected development trends, which are largely fueled by the ever-changing technological landscape, come to fruition and, subsequently, integrate them into his business.

Looking ahead, Kevin anticipates that off-site and modular construction will become the norm in just a few years, especially with the rising demand for apartments and homes in the United Kingdom as a whole. His philosophy in it all is if you can adapt to new technologies and be at the forefront of innovation, your business will continue to thrive.

All in all, Kevin Patrick Sharkey is excited to undertake every new opportunity he is afforded. He enjoys the challenges associated with property development, especially as it relates to creating something out of nothing. Kevin loves being a part of the creation and improvement of products, no matter if that relates to building new properties or even new companies as a whole.

To learn more about Kevin Patrick Sharkey’s perspective on property development and industry trends, be sure to visit his blog page regularly.