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In a workplace environment, productivity is a measure of how effective you are in terms of your rate of output. In most cases, productivity determines a set of other business elements, including profitability. Boosting your productivity is, therefore, a strategy that can directly translate to good business performance.  Here is a set of tips to explore when seeking to increase your productivity.

Evaluating your performance

The first thing to do is evaluate how productive you are at the moment, before thinking of ways of boosting your performance and productivity. Such an evaluation should be done by evaluating the amount of time you spend on particular tasks at work. A situation where you spend too much time doing otherwise easy tasks should prompt you to consider overhauling your time management.

Consider taking breaks

It is quite easy to think that allocating all your time to doing official tasks will increase your productivity. The problem is that your productivity will only increase to a certain optimal limit, beyond where your performance will steadily decline. This can be avoided by taking short strategic breaks in between long and difficult tasks. The breaks help you to regain your focus for guaranteed performance.

Setting schedules

The easiest way to maintain a disciplined life that is guaranteed to ensure your long-term sustainable performance is to set schedules, preferably at the start of each day. The schedule should outline, among other things, the duties you expect to perform during the day and how much time you allot to each. The task deadlines, in such a case, will help you to track and control your output and time management.

Do not multitask

Most people are duped into thinking that multitasking is a suitable shortcut to achieving sustainable productivity. Unfortunately, multitasking is the easiest way to lose your productivity at work as you lose the attentiveness to tasks. Quitting multitasking to concentrate on a single task at a time ensures that you keep good track of your time.

Eliminate interruptions

Interruptions are the easiest way to lose your time that would have gone into boosting your productivity. Eliminating common workplace interruptions, such as impromptu meetings, visiting social media sites, and attending to mobile phone notifications ensures that you concentrate on your work and thus boost your performance at work.