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When it comes to developers sprouting major projects in a town or city, good property marketing can help a community welcome these new changes. Often times, it seems that developers gain permission to erect a large building, take their profits, and get out of town. These days, however, positive marketing and the benefits developers make to a community can help improve infrastructure, add more green space, provide employment, and various other benefits.

Planning experts believe that developers are starting to focus more on community engagement. Here are a few key factors to consider when creating positive property development.

Don’t dismiss stakeholders

Obtaining planning permission is an essential step and a wise developer will ensure that all parties or stakeholders are involved in the consultation for a project. That means sitting down with a city’s board of aldermen or town council, residents, and other groups who would be affected by the plan and being transparent about the project’s benefits and impact on a community.

Adopt two-way dialogue

Developers are best advised in holding an open forum or exhibition where these building experts can disperse information to the public and address any concerns residents may have on a building project. They go on the record and show architectural plans up close to the audience and explain how a property will affect the area.

Online updates for community

Another way that a seasoned developer can create a positive impact on the community is by using social media. An easy-to-navigate website about the project is helpful to the community base and allows folks to stay abreast of new updates to the plan. Even creating a newsletter is an excellent idea in keeping the community informed of dates, progress, and any setbacks. Laying it all out in the open is what local residents appreciate and deserve.

Be sensitive to local sentiment

A skilled public relations team is another valuable asset to a developer’s marketing arsenal. Good PR people can help diffuse problems that might erupt during a development project. These experts stay tuned to the local sentiment, are aware of how the media is reporting on the plan, and are savvy at responding to issues that arise. In other words, a great PR team knows how to manage communication through the media.