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For a successful career in real estate, you’ll want to learn how to find motivated sellers. These are the kinds of clients who will save you time and help you maximize the work you do.

To be called a “motivated seller”, the client will need to either be selling the property at a rate slightly below market value or they need to be willing to sell with favorable terms.

These are sellers emotionally invested in selling as quickly as possible, meaning if you find an emotionally invested buyer, you can move forward with a good deal and have the property sold quickly.

So how do you find motivated sellers?

First you need to bring in more potential sellers.

This can start with finding a list for direct mail. You can purchase lists to market to that focus on homeowners in probate, absentee owners, foreclosures, properties with liens, attorneys, military homeowners, and more.

You can network with people at local events or online. There are investment associations you can join and attend their events. You can call the “We Buy Houses” ads and see if you can build a connection.

Maximize your digital marketing and build a relevant following on social media. If you can also build up content on your website, then you can bring in a steady flow of search engine traffic that will be relevant for your business. As you bring these people in, have an attractive offer for your newsletter so you can connect with them in the future.

Advertise near military bases. Members of the military are often going to need to sell quickly and will be motivated to move the process along.

Once you have quality leads coming in, you need to filter them.

During this time, you are not trying to sell your services to these potential clients. You are building a relationship with them, educating them on the process of selling their home, and getting a feel for whether they are truly a motivated seller. You want to have a feel for where they are at in the process, emotionally.

To get to know them, ask them questions like why they are interested in selling their home. Find out how long they have lived there and where they are going next. Ask for details about the home, like where it is located and what kinds of improvements have been made. You also need to ask how much money they hope to receive from the sale, so you can see where their expectations are at.

Once you have strong funnels going to bring in new leads, and you have a routine for filtering those leads, you’ll be ready to advance your career with motivated sellers who you will be able to serve efficiently.